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How to find cheap hotels: method, tricks and tips

November 30, 2022 Education Season 1
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How to find cheap hotels: method, tricks and tips
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Show Notes

Accommodation is one of the most important costs of any trip. In fact, it is the most important if you are a traveler who goes to mid-range or high-end hotels. With this in mind it is vital to know how to find cheap hotels, or at least the best prices and offers for the type of accommodation you are looking for.

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Nowadays with pages like Booking or AirBnb it is very easy to get cheap accommodation on the internet . Nothing to do with those times when you had to get recommendations from travel guides, from internet pages that recommended hotels without reviews that you could trust, or even making reservations when you arrived at your destination.

Now everything is very simple. At your disposal you have a good number of websites and applications that make it much easier for you to find your ideal accommodation at the best price.

Using these tools properly and taking into account some basic tips and tricks will prevent you from paying more for your accommodation and your budget from going out of control.

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In this post I will explain my routine and the tips that work best for me to get the best prices in hotels and apartments.

1. Use a good search method. Do not waste eternal time looking for hotels

If you spend days and days looking for the best combinations and prices to find cheap flights, the same can happen with hotels. Stick to a practical approach and don't waste more time than necessary looking for cheap hotels. Remember: your time is also worth money.

My method is the following:

  1. I do the search for my destination and booking dates applying the filters that interest me.
  2. Among the filters that I apply: those of price, location, type of accommodation, and some more like a pool if I am interested, and above all I put that the ratings are from 8 and up .
  3. As I have previously filtered by price, I make the web show me the hotels from the best rating to the worst.
  4. I open several windows and I discard the ones I like the least until I have a small selection .

I don't always book the same day. Sometimes I give myself a few days to reflect if the travel date allows me. Of course, if I find a good offer in a hotel that I like, I book directly without wasting any more time, especially if it offers free cancellation .

Before booking, I compare with websites such as Hotelscombined or Trivago (they compare prices for the same hotel between several websites) to see if they offer me better prices.

In short, as you see nothing out of the ordinary. For me the most important thing is not to go crazy spending hours and hours to find a hotel. My time is very valuable. My goal is to find a good hotel at a good price without sacrificing more time than necessary.

2. Use the best portals

I book the vast majority of my hotels with It is without a doubt the market leader . On no other website will you find more hotels (and other types of accommodation) and so many real reviews that you can trust.

It also has several advantages such as the best guaranteed price on the market, many rooms with the possibility of free cancellation, and good customer service.

In addition to booking, I also use Airbnb for villas and apartments, and occasionally Agoda when I travel to Asia.

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