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Places where SEO and Web design intertwine

May 25, 2023 Education Season 1
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Places where SEO and Web design intertwine
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Show Notes

Search Engine Optimization is an important aspect that every website owner should be concerned about. That’s because it determines the overall success of your website. You need to ensure that you are using search engine optimization to drive more traffic to your website at all times. While you do that, you should heavily focus on the overall design of the website as well.  

Here’s a list of places where the design of your website and SEO would intertwine. You need to focus heavily on these aspects and make sure that you get a SEO compatible website at the end of the day.

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Navigation of the website 

You should begin with the navigation of the website. You must carefully assess overall navigation of the website and make sure that it is SEO friendly. If you are using Flash for navigation, you need to make immediate changes to the design. That’s because the objects that you design with Flash are not web crawler friendly. Search engines will not be able to crawl through such content that you have on the website and index it. Instead, you can think about introducing the fancy effects to the website with JavaScript and CSS.

Make the images SEO friendly 

All the images that you have on the website should be SEO friendly as well. Some of the people tend to focus only on optimizing textual content of the website. This is one of the biggest mistakes that you do. Without optimizing the images of the website, you cannot expect to find a boost in the search engine ranking. You must make sure that the images are not too big. If so, your website will load slowly. This can create a negative impact on the rankings that you can secure. Hence, you must optimize all the images that you have in the website in terms of size to make them load faster. This will help you to get enhanced rankings that you deserve.

Integrate social media links 

Social media networks are in a position to add value into the search engine rankings that you can get. Therefore, you need to incorporate social media elements into the overall design of the website as well. Then you will be able to secure better rankings with ease. You need to make sure that you are including all the major social media images to the website design and link to the channels that you have on those social media networks accordingly. This will not just assist you to secure better rankings on search engines. It can also deliver an excellent support to you with making your company more personable for the visitors.

Get an accessible design 

The design you are getting to the business website should be an accessible one as well. In case if your website is not an accessible one, your conversion rates can be impacted negatively. This will also create a negative impact on the search engine rankings that you get. 

After designing the website, you should ensure that it is viewable on all the leading internet browsers. This should be applicable for the internet browsers in the mobile devices as well. If a person cannot access your website through an internet browser, he will tend to leave your website. Then you will be losing the customer as well. You must ensure that your website looks correct on all the leading internet browsers available among the internet users.

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