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Tips for choosing the right sunglasses

May 25, 2023 Education Season 1
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Tips for choosing the right sunglasses
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Show Notes

Choosing sunglasses among the wide variety available on the market can be a real headache. In addition to taking price into account , we must assess other variables that are essential, such as the quality of the model and the impact they can have on our visual health .

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Below we provide you with a series of tips for choosing the best sunglasses.

1: Crystals approved and resistant to ultraviolet light. The sunglasses must be in accordance with the regulations of the European Union and the ultraviolet light filters of the crystals must be 100%, although it allows a small margin of difference. On many occasions, this information is found on a sticker placed on the glass, although it is advisable to confirm this with the professionals who attend our centers.
2: Crystal tone.  It must be taken into account that a darker shade of glass does not need to offer greater protection against the effects of sunlight. Based on this premise, the choice of lens tint depends on the needs of each eye . For example, for people with myopia, darker lenses tend to be more comfortable.

3: Polarized glasses. What is its utility? Its use is recommended to reduce eyestrain and to carry out activities where reflections are especially annoying. For example, going to the beach or sailing in the sea. However, polarized glasses are not recommended if the activity carried out is going to be combined with another polarized glass as some vehicles have on their rear window.
4: Better to choose quality glasses instead of cheap ones. A phrase that may be obvious but is not usually put into practice. The massive sale of cheap sunglasses in online stores is a fact that causes customers to find more affordable products but that do not ensure effective protection against the effects of the sun.
5: Photochromic lenses. A type of lens characterized by its adaptability to surrounding light . An excellent and very practical option as the lens darkens when exposed to the sun and lightens when in the shade. An automatic adjustment depending on the intensity of light. These types of lenses are advisable if we intend to use them throughout the year or if we are going to use them in areas where there may be drastic changes in light.

6: Glasses at any age. Children and the elderly are the groups that wear glasses less frequently. It is important to protect their eyes from solar radiation. Let yourself be advised .

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