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How to choose a bowtie correctly?

May 31, 2023 Education Season 1
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How to choose a bowtie correctly?
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Show Notes

You don't need to be a fashion guru to know how to choose a bowtie - better known as a bow tie - correctly. Why do we say it? Because, dare we say, practically every man has at least one bow tie in his closet. Bow ties are that accessory that cannot be missing from your wardrobe because they are essential for gala events and are the perfect alternative to replacing ties.

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Yes, they are capable of reinventing any look, but the question arises when we want to buy or use one. Because of course, there are certain rules for wearing a bow tie and, therefore, when purchasing one. In itself sometimes it is difficult for us to choose a tie , giving ourselves the task of choosing a bowtie can be twice as difficult, since we generally do not know much about this accessory . 

If you want to highlight your look using a bowtie , you need to take into account the following tips to choose them correctly. 

#1: Pay attention to size
Size does matter... at least in clothes, yes, a lot. Start by correctly choosing the size of the bowtie . Although there are standard measurements, do not get carried away by the length of the tie as it can betray you by not closing correctly. You should bear in mind that bow ties have found a more stylized shape than wide bow ties , so we recommend that you choose very carefully, especially a smaller size, as thick and exaggerated bows can seem outdated and not aesthetically pleasing. You don't want to look like a clown, do you?

#2: Play with contrasts
Just as there are rules for matching ties and shirts , there are also rules for bow ties . The contrast or color that you decide to buy should always look perfect with the shirt you are wearing. If you have already decided that you are going to wear a striped shirt, you cannot wear a bowtie of the same pattern. Likewise, the color must have the perfect contrast with the tone of the shirt, as well as that of the jacket, giving harmony to these other pieces of your look. 

#3: Watch out for the type of fabric
The type of fabric is very important, as there are satin bow ties and some others that are much more avant-garde, such as velvet. It is very important that each type of fabric corresponds to the outfit you want to achieve in order to give your look the necessary cool touch and that it goes according to your style. 

#4: Choose the perfect occasion 
Everything will depend and revolve around the occasion. Like the tie , this will be very important because there are ties for all kinds of occasions. If it is to be used at an event, you must pay attention that it is striking but totally formal and that it can go perfectly with dress clothes such as a suit. Recommended for this, more neutral colors and satin fabrics would be used. In general, blacks are ideal to wear in an elegant wedding. If what you want is a bowtie for the officeor day-to-day work, this is where you can start playing with textures and patterns, as these can be much more casual, forgetting about fabrics like velvet. If what you want is this accessory for a more informal look, you can totally play with the shapes, designs and fabric. You will have no limits and you will be able to use the most extravagant bow ties that you can imagine and can find. 

As you can see, it is not very difficult to find the perfect and correct bowtie for each occasion. It is enough to take a look at your entire closet to know what is best for you at all times, always taking into account your tastes and style.

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