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How to create viral content on the internet?

June 20, 2023 Education Season 1
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How to create viral content on the internet?
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Show Notes

The viral content that you create to interact with users of the digital world is increasingly important. For example, it is essential to share the content of your blog through your social networks and that your followers not only like it, but also share it.

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To achieve viral content on the internet, you must make sure that what you publish is new, original and useful. However, this may not be enough to achieve the reach you want, for this reason we bring you 9 tricks:

1. Spend time searching for viral content
Generating content is not only based on putting the first thing that comes to mind, you have to discover what topics are working on social networks. For this, it is vital that you allocate a part of your working day (either 1 or 2 hours) to find valuable and innovative content on social networks.

Tip: it's not about replicating viral content, it's about discovering it and adapting it to your brand.

2. Build a database
There are experts who scan more than 1,000 daily posts to get inspired and generate content. In addition, it is important that you delete those contacts that do not work for you and are not providing you with valuable content to add new ones.

The key is to keep this database updated so that it is easier to find the viral content that best suits you and helps you make your publications go viral.

3. Moves the user emotionally
Emotions are usually the best way to connect with the customer , as they evoke feelings and generate empathy. Create content that conveys feelings such as joy, sadness, anxiety, suspense, etc.

Tip: if you produce content that generates positive feelings, you will make it go viral in a better way.

4. Statistics, your best friends
There is no better way to find out which posts get the best engagement than statistics. These numbers will help you improve your search and creation of viral content.

Recognize what type of posts have the most likes, shares, comments (both positive and negative) and this will help you figure out what users want to see.

5. Take a chance!
The tastes of internet users are often very volatile, so don't be afraid to try different types of content. As you post, you'll learn what your target audience really likes.

6. Invite your followers to participate
Generate content that invites users to participate , this will always be a good strategy to viralize your content.

Ask a question, tell an experience and let them do it, ask them to give you their opinion on a topic, etc. If users feel included in the conversation, chances are you'll be able to connect with the customer.

7. The right time to viralize your content
Each brand has its own audience and therefore, there is no exact or general time to upload content. It is a matter of finding out what time your target audience checks their social networks and take advantage of those spaces to publish.

If you manage to study in depth the exact moment to publish, you can reach many more users and connect with the client.

8. Focus on the title
Creating irresistible headlines is the crucial element for users to decide whether to click or not. So it's vital that the first thing users read has a hook that draws them into reading the rest of the content.

9. Be patient!
This may be the hardest tip to follow, but the best content often takes time to go viral.

You may have a stroke of luck and it will go viral in minutes or hours, sometimes months or years. Anything can happen!

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